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 Reduces cellulite

 Reduces fat cells

 Tones up the skin



* Pack of 220 ml. is enough for 2-3 weeks of regular use, twice a day.
Made in EU
Made in EU
Long lasting results
Long lasting results
Safe & Secure Order Process
Safe & Secure Order Process
Natural product
Natural product
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Recyclable packaging
Recyclable packaging
100% Results Guaranteed
100% Results Guaranteed


Jorjeia Mission №2 is just the right product to help you fight cellulite, tone, and tighten your skin and reduce fat cells. With just the right mix of essential oils, plant extracts, and active ingredients, Jorjeia Mission №2 ensures that your skin is visibly smooth and tight. It does not contain GMO products and is free of paraben and artificial fragrance.

Slimastevia, an active ingredient in Jorjeia Mission №2, limits the entrance of fatty acids into your storage cells. This helps to reduce marks and cellulite on your body and clear off orange-peel skin.

Mission №2 tightens and tones your skin as you use it regularly. Slimastevia fights against cellulite on 3 distinct levels, clearing already-formed cellulitis and making it harder for your skin to produce new ones. It is also proven to be effective in problem areas such as your hips, stomach, and thighs.

Apply gel to problem areas in the morning and in the evening.
Massage into the skin using a circular motion until fully absorbed (no, you don’t need to wash it off). Use daily for best results

Patented biologically active tightening complex composed of oral extracts in a synergistic combination.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Aesculus Hyppocastanum Extract, Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, Triticum


55 reviews for JORJEIA MISSION 2

  1. george

    Again checking comments

  2. george

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  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous


  5. Nusha

    In just 9 days I achieved great results!

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous


  8. Ivona

    I’m so glad I found you! I’m really impressed with the result! I’ve been using Mission 2 for almost 4 months, I really didn’t believe that the annoying cellulite would be removed, but I’m already proud of the result! I will leave my score below so that other women like me can see that your products really work!

  9. Ramona


  10. Ivana

    My favorite product! I achieved unique results.

  11. Valentina

    I used 1 pack of Mission 2, but I need more. I hope to have even better results in combination with Mission 3.

  12. Irena

    I didn’t believe it would help me, but the results are unique! Thank you!!

  13. Katya

    I have been using the product for about a week and it is too early to say if it really works. But I really like the aroma and texture of the gel.

  14. Ivanka

    I achieved great results! I applied Mission 2 with a massager and drank more water. My skin is extremely smooth and firm. I recommend!

  15. Yoana

    I have been using the gel for about a week. It is still early to see results. I hope to see an effect soon.

  16. Ivon

    After 20 days, the results are obvious to me, I just want the package to be bigger.

  17. Moni

    It smells good, but I’ve only been using it for a week and I still don’t have an opinion, but my skin is a little smoother.

  18. Isa

    I am satisfied with the product, although I still do not see the perfect result, but I am seeing a change, I hope to continue seeing it

  19. Petq

    I’ve been using Mission 2 for two weeks, but I still don’t see much difference. But I will continue using it.

  20. Névtelen

    Hello! These are my results in just 11 days.

  21. Silvana

    I have been using the combination for 2 weeks, but I still have no visible effect. I hope I finally forget about cellulite

  22. Monika

    I have used many different anti-cellulite products, but to no avail. With Mission №2, however, my skin looks much better and the cellulite almost disappeared.

  23. Milena

    I am surprised by the results! I did not believe that I could forget about cellulite with using this gel. Thanks!

  24. Cody Thornton

    I workout 4 times a week and I use this gel. It really helps my stomach sweat more while using the waist trainer. I already lost some pounds in a two weeks.

  25. Sofi

    I’m at the end of the first pack and I see a small difference. I will continue to use it, but together with Mission 3 and I believe it will have an effect.

  26. Tedi

    Really great product. I love the aroma and texture, and the results are really visible.

  27. Iri

    I didn’t think this would work but thought I’d try it rather than say what if. I am so happy I did as this stuff is brilliant. Only used for a week so far and can see a big difference in my tummy area. The stretch marks have smoothed out and my tummy is flatter. So much so I’ve ordered more

  28. Denitsa

    I have been using mission no 2 for a while now & it has made a small difference to the appearance of cellulite. It would be nice if it could be bought in a bigger bottle as it does not last very long.

  29. Sonya

    It’s really great! I used it once and I am extremely happy! I will order again. There was a result in the first week! Order it, you will not regret it! The cream is great!

  30. Idrees Whitaker

    I love this product !! I want the package to be bigger so I don’t have to order again. The Product is jelly like and is not sticky at all! Love it!!

  31. Jolina

    I am extremely happy 🙂 I had a lot of cellulite on my legs and after about a week of lubrication it visibly decreased … I already use a third pack for even better results and I am very happy … do not hesitate at all and order 🙂

  32. Frances Just

    I love it, will order again.

  33. Mária

    I ordered the gel for the third time. I am satisfied, my skin feels good, smooth and does not redden, as happened with the use of other anti-cellulite products. I also use a cellulite massager, which helps me to better absorb the product. I recommend!

  34. Veszelina

    Amazing!!! It really has an effect! I went to all kinds of painful anti-cellulite massages, without any effect, but with the gel there is obviously a difference only after 12 days !!
    Try this it costs you nothing!

  35. Vili

    I have been using the cream for 10 days and I am very happy, it works wonderfully!

  36. Veszi

    Hello, I used the cream and I am very happy to notice results after each application, I think that with perseverance and frequent use the end result will be fascinating! 🙂

  37. Kremena

    A very good product with regular use has a visible reduction in girth – hips and thighs as well as erasing cellulite. I recommend it!

  38. Ani

    Initially, I ordered only Mission 2, but a week later I added Mission 3. Definitely my skin is smoother and hydrated, and cellulite breaks down drastically.

  39. Ljubka

    The gel is unique! The effect is 100% – the skin becomes smooth and soft!

  40. Alexandra

    I am currently using the gel to remove cellulite and I am extremely pleased. It absorbs very quickly and makes the skin smooth.

  41. Magdaléna

    I am ordering the product for the second time and I am fascinated! Amazing results! I sincerely recommend it to all ladies who have a problem! Continue to make us happy in the same spirit!

  42. Géri

    I love the smell and texture of the product. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and is not sticky. I have been using Mission 2 for only a few weeks and it is too early to say what my results are, but my skin is certainly much smoother.

  43. Darina

  44. Anonymous

    I am very happy with Mission-2! In 4 days there is an amazing change on the skin with problem areas! Thanks a lot, Jorjeia!

  45. Szuzi

    I am very happy with the cream, the effect is visible after a few applications. I think I will try the other creams as well

  46. Kati

    I have been using the product for only a few days and I can now see the difference. Not only did the skin smooth out, but I also saw results on my cesarean scar – it became less visible. I’m glad I ordered two packs

  47. Szvetlana

    The gel is great, the second week shows a satisfactory result.

  48. Nádja

    And I use a cream that is against cellulite for a week and I am very happy, the result is visible 🙂

  49. Szjuzan

    I already use a second pack and I see a difference. I lost weight during the isolation and had a lot of sagging skin in the abdomen and thighs, but this product really helped me

  50. Ramóna

    Thanks for helping me deal with my problem, I will definitely order again.

  51. Elena

    I am very happy with mission 1 and 3. Now I am ordering mission 2. It has an effect. Try it !!!

  52. Carlie Le

    I used it for body wraps to tighten the skin and decrease cellulite. I really love it Isn’t greasy and the results were great so far

  53. April Brooks

    I’ve been using this product for a week and already noticed a difference in my skin, it is getting firmer.

  54. Shaurya Dejesus

    I like that there no mess and that it’s cool when rubbing it on. And I used it for my belly fat.

  55. Norah Whiteley

    I liked the product. I felt that it worked in reducing some fat cells on my stomach. The ingredients suggest they should. I used this along with a caloric deficit diet as well.

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